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Whether it be small scale industries or large scale industries, each of them involves extensive use of plastic products. Being the foremost plastic products supplier in Delhi, we understand your requirements, depending on the purpose of use. With budget-friendly and unique options to choose from, we provide you products right from plastic buckets to drums and may more.

One for all

 The plastic products act as a replacement for all the other materials, including wood, heavy metals, and several others. These plastic products offer several benefits, including durability and reliability, resistant to weather and chemicals, better appearance, easy to mold, and its strength.


The reason why plastic products are prefered over all the other materials is that it is one of the cheapest options available in the market for making several products. As a renowned plastic products manufacturer in Delhi, we ensure the production of high-quality products manufactured on various standards and set specifications. Once produced, our team of experts passes them through multiple quality checks and tests to provide the customers with the best.

Plastic Buckets

The plastic buckets mark their presence in various construction, housing, and shipping purposes. It plays a vital role in the transportation of fluid and liquid materials. We being the top-rated plastic bucket manufacturer in Delhi, provide you with durable plastic buckets that are available in various sizes starting from 1 liter to 5 liters.

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Plastic Drums

Collecting rainwater to storing heavy materials, plastic drums are the most sorted option for all such uses. Being the prominent plastic drum supplier in Delhi, we provide you with a range of options to choose from depending on various parameters. The size range varies from a storage amount of 10 liters to 5000 liters, and even more as per the demands.

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Plastic Jerry Can

Storing liquid drum for a long period can be quite a deal. With our best quality manufactured plastic jerry cans in Delhi, this isn't a problem anymore. We provide you with high-quality, reusable jerry cans of various capacities including 5 litres, 10 litres, and so on. The size can also be varied as per the customer's needs.

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Plastic Jar

Unlike the old days, when glass jars were used to store pickles and spices at home, nowadays, all of these are replaced by the plastic jars. With our manufactured plastic jars in Delhi, we offer you a vibrant and wide range of attractive designs for storage options. These plastic jars are so designed to enhance the look of your kitchen.

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Plastic Bottles

The bottles are one of the handiest ways to carry water or juices. But, imagine roaming around with those heavy metal or glass bottles. It is undoubtedly a task. Being the leading plastic bottle suppliers in Delhi, we offer you numerous designs, colors, and capacities of plastic bottles to choose from, each of them being leak-proof and durable.

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Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are the handiest drum to carry your bulk items. We, with our manufactured plastic crates in Delhi, provide you with a variety of plastic crates with a fantastic design for your comfort to carry the heavy stuff. It is equipped with a tremendous grip and strength. We also offer stable storage boxes with lids.

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Plastic Mug

Plastic mugs are quite one of the essential bathroom drum. Being the famous plastic mugs manufacturers in Delhi, we offer you several designs with a good grip along with some really attractive colors. Made of high-grade materials, these are a must buy to cater to your bathroom and household needs.

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Plastic Caps

With the numerous drum and bottles being used out there, all of these are sealed by caps. As a famous plastic caps manufacturers in Delhi, we provide you caps that fit perfectly to size, preventing the leakage of liquids from the bottles. These are so made to fit on and give a firm grip.

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Plastic Closures

Imagine having to use bottles without closures. Well, that sounds quite impractical, right? We, being the foremost plastic closure suppliers in Delhi, remove this impracticality. We believe in customer satisfaction and trust and hence, provide you with drum with a variety and comfortable designs. Our plastic closures are designed for the perfect grip.

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Plastic Plugs

Shabbily drilled holes either on the doors, walls or elsewhere do not look good. Our manufactured plastic plugs in Delhi, are a perfect fit as per the size requirements and variations. These plastic plugs provide complete and finished protection to the holes.

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Plastic Boxes

Lid or no lid, transparent or colorful, we provide a wide range of plastic drum catering to all the purposes of use and various plastic materials. Being the leading plastic boxes suppliers in Delhi, we believe in satisfying our customers to the level best and customizing the drum as per their demands.

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Plastic Container

Whether it be packing or mere storage, plastic containers offer the advantage of being multifunctional. As a renowned plastic container manufacturers in Delhi, we provide you with plastic containers of both heavy as well as light plastic depending on the purpose of use. With splendid quality, these are leakproof and scratch-resistant.

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Plastic Baskets

Plastic baskets are the most efficient and sorted ways to store daily essentials. These make the drum look organized and settled. As famous plastic baskets manufacturers in Delhi, we offer several designs with attractive colors and functional storage space. These baskets can easily be placed at any nook and corner, making things look presentable.

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Plastic Tub

Plastic tubs are one of the most sorted options for bathroom use and storing stuff without much of an organization. Being the topmost plastic tub suppliers in Delhi, we are customer-centric and believe in providing the drum of supreme quality as per the expectations and requirements of the customers.

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Plastic Milk Can

Unlike the old days, when the milk cans were made of steel, making them difficult to carry around, nowadays, plastic milk cans have replaced them all. Being the foremost plastic milk can manufacturers in Delhi, we provide you with milk cans made of high-grade plastic keeping the milk fresh. These can be used at various places including hotels, dairies and cold-storage factories.

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